New Publication

Big, enthusiastic Congratulations to Dani Eastick on her first, first-author publication. Here, Dani provides new insight into the physiology of some helmeted Dinosaurs (bottom left) through… …the study of helmeted cassowaries (above right)! Cassowaries, and perhaps some Dinosaurs, used such appendages for heat exchange with the environment, conserving body heat at low temperatures and off-loading 8%Continue reading “New Publication”

End of Year Wrap-up

It has been half a year since my last post; unsurprisingly, a lot has happened since mid-year. Soon-to-be Doctor, Ryan Tisdale, has gone on a publishing spree with three chapters out this year alone: Spectral properties of brain activity under two anesthetics and their potential for inducing natural sleep in birds. Frontiers in Neuroscience 12,Continue reading “End of Year Wrap-up”