Information for prospective post-docs, post-graduate and honours students

I am always interested in talking with undergraduate students who would like to gain research experience (i.e., volunteering) or transition to an Honours degree. Undergraduates that obtained a third year average of at least 80% are encouraged to apply.

I’m also happy to talk with prospective PhD students (nationals or internationals) that already have either a MSc, or a 85%+ Hons. This is not my preference per se, but is the policy of the university. Without a MSc (or an unequivocally outstanding Honours, ideally with a publication), then you will not be competitive for a scholarship. If you would like to join the Sleep Ecophysiology Group, then please send me an e-mail with a cover letter detailing your interests, experience and career aspirations along with an up-to-date CV. We have two in-takes for new PhDs annually that (approximately) align with the new- and mid-year.

Lastly, I am very happy to talk with prospective post-doctoral research fellows, but you will need to secure independent funding (e.g., an ARC DECRA). Applications for DECRA Research Fellowships have a closing date in February each year. That said, the university has an internal grant pipeline system and you need to register your intent by early June, before going onto to apply to the ARC through La Trobe University. In any case, send me an e-mail and we can discuss possible ways forward.

A/Prof John Lesku
School of Life Sciences | La Trobe University
Melbourne VIC 3086 | Australia