Information for prospective post-docs, post-graduate and honours students

I am always interested in talking with prospective undergraduate students who would like to gain research experience (i.e., volunteering) or transition to an Honours degree.  Undergraduates that obtained a third year average of 75% and above are encouraged to apply.

I’m also happy to talk with prospective PhD students (nationals or internationals).  If you would like to join the Sleep Ecophysiology Group, then please send me an e-mail with a cover letter detailing your interests, experience and career aspirations along with an up-to-date CV.

Lastly, I am very happy to talk with prospective post-doctoral research fellows, but you will need to secure independent funding (e.g., an ARC DECRA).  Applications for DECRA Research Fellowships have an internal closing date in February each year.  Send me an e-mail and we can discuss possible ways forward.