Focus on Aulsebrook, Connelly et al. (2020):

• ABC Radio (Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and others)
• Australian Geographic
• Einstein A Go-Go on Triple R FM
• Herald Sun
• New Scientist
• The Telegraph
• TV interview of Dr Aulsebrook on ABC News Breakfast


Animalia, Sleep
New Scientist, Seals only sleep with half their brain when they’re out at sea
Imagine This with Brianna Peterson, ABC KIDS listen, Do animals sleep like people?
The Sydney Morning Herald, Your brain gets smaller as you sleep (and you forget things)
ABC Radio Perth, WA Afternoons with Gillian O’Shaughnessy


ABC Radio Canberra, Drive with Adam Shirley (radio)
New Scientist, Elephants sleep for just 2 hours a day – the least of any mammal


Triple R FM, Einstein A Go-Go (radio)
New Scientist, Wallaby wearable tech probes how light pollution affects sleep
Science News, Dragons sleep like mammals and birds
The Scientist, Who sleeps?


BBC, What is the sleepiest animal on earth?

Focus on Kelly et al. (2015):

• ABC News, Never sneak up on a crocodile: research discovers predators can sleep with one eye open
• BBC News, Crocodiles sleep with one eye watching
• Discovery News, Can crocodiles sleep with one eye open?
• The Guardian, Eye-opening research suggests sleeping crocodiles still keep watch
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• Science, Crocodiles may sleep with only half their brain
• The Telegraph, Crocodiles sleep with one eye open ‘to keep watch for prey’

Focus on Robert et al. (2015):

• ABC News, Light pollution delays wallaby reproduction and puts joeys at risk
• Discovery News, Light pollution delays wallaby reproduction
• Science, Stay away from the light

Focus on Shine et al. (2015):

• ABC News, Scientists use brain electrodes to find freezing toads the best way to get them to croak
• The Telegraph, Best way to kill cane toads is in the freezer, says Australian study
• Washington Post, The humane way to kill a toad, according to science


ABC, The Science Show (radio)